• Viscose Pullover
  • Pure Pullover
  • Melbourne Pullover
  • Viscool Pullover
  • Cordoba Pullover
  • Buenos Aires Pullover
  • Viscose Pullover
  • Viscose Rib Pullover
  • Fine Merino Crew Neck Pullover
  • Rachel Pullover
  • Pure Cut Pullover
  • Pure Pullover

Luxurious & Fashionable Pullovers

Our pullovers are comfortable and cozy, just perfect for layering! Wrap up in one of these luxury pullovers and experience Wolford comfort, the finest in the world. The highest-quality materials, expert craftsmanship and classic designs ensure that every top, shirt, pullover, cardigan and dress looks and feels luxurious. Be sure to check out the signature Fatal Dress, a longtime favorite whose versatility provides countless style possibilities.